News and Announcements

- Membership Meeting -
DAWG's next Membership meeting will be on Monday, August 11, at a location to be determined. Check back here for details!

- DAWG Membership volunteer opportunity -
We need ring workers at our USDAA trial on April 12-13 at Myers Park! Sign up here if you would like to help (and earn your volunteer hours).

- Help out at the USDAA Regional! -
We need ring workers to help with the Regional (May 16-18 at Watt Arena in Fort Worth)! Click here for information. We're paying 50 DAWG$/day for workers!

- DAWG featured in Murphy newspapers -
DAWG's training facility, Southpaw, is located in Murphy, Texas, and the Murphy Monitor and the Murphy Messenger serve that community. Here's a couple of stories they published about us; one from the Monitor, and another from the Messenger.

- UPDATE (September 2011) -
The Murphy Messenger has published a new story featuring DAWG. Here's the front page featuring a nice photo of one of our newest members and her dog, and here's the story itself.

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